The 10 step process includes

Pre-filtration to remove sediment and particles

Softening to remove hardness causing minerals

Carbon filtration to remove objectionable taste and odor as well as any organic chemicals that may be present

Reverse osmosis to remove 95 percent plus of dissolved solids

Demineralization to remove remaining minerals and bring the water to zero parts per million of total dissolved solids

Ultraviolet purification to make sure our water stays virtually free of microbes

Storage/recirculation to begin the production process. Water is continuously freshened with ozone, a naturally occurring substance close to oxygen in molecular structure. Ozone controls microbial growth without the undesirable byproducts always associated with chlorination

Ozone purification residual to ensure freshness whenever a new bottle of water is opened

Final bacteria filtration before bottling. This is the time when food grade minerals can be added to enhance taste

Washing, sanitizing, and bottling



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