Bonatura is born in 1995 with the water manufacture purified in bottles of 19 Liters, like a project of Mexican investors to develop the prepared water market.

BoNatura arises from the idea of two creators the C. Donald Paul Ramírez Méndez and the Q.F.B. Oswaldo G. Ramirez Méndez, to create a competitive company, that can at a low price offer water purified and of excellent quality.

Bonatura considers that the quality of its product must arrive at the excellence since the water is a vital element; therefore its quality requires a special attention of those who processes it and they make it available of the consumer.

In March of the 2002 we extended our services in the sale and installation of purifying plants and other equipment of purification. Of this idea Is born Aqua Purification Systems company dedicated to the installation of purification equipment and water treatment in Mexico and all Latinoamerica.

As of the year 2004 BoNatura® is member of Grupo Adriaga S.A. of C.V, a Mexican industrial group that has three great businesses: equipment for water treatment (number one at National level), equipment for laberca (of the main distruibuidores at world-wide level) and natural water (in the heat of growth with the Bonatura mark in the DF and Mexico).

The mission of BoNatura® is to contribute to the health and well-being through a natural and placentera drink. In addition BoNatura is a company it jeopardize with the Mexican society, that makes all its activities of responsible and respectful way with the surroundings, contributing to the social and economic development of the community



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